Create a Home Away from Home!

We understand the need to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life  get away and explore the world with us while staying in our homestay suites


Experience more than just fun - connect and learn from locals, taste authentic cuisine, and immerse yourself in

Personalized Attention

Unlike hotels, home stays offer personalized attention to guests

Homely Environment

We're confident that everyone at our shelter will feel safe and protected in a homely environment!

About Us

Enjoy Holidays With Orchid!

Orchid Home Stay is a holistic and luxury home stay in one blissful property which you and your loved ones can enjoy the most. 


Why Choose Us !

Choosing the best home stay can offer several benefits, including;

Personalized Services

Home stay hosts often provide personalized service to their guests, such as arranging transportation, recommending local attractions, and offering local insights.

Cost effective

We provide all amenities for our customers at best possible price. We also offer several facilities like meals, guides, taxis etc.

Comfort and privacy

You have your own room and space to relax, and you can enjoy the comforts of home, such as a comfortable bed and a cozy living room.

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